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How Much Does It Cost To Repair A Condenser Fan Motor In The Battle Creek Area?

Posted by John Sims on Tue, Jul, 29, 2014 @ 16:07 PM

In continuing our series of articles on "How Much Does It Cost?" we wanted to address some common questions homeowners ask and are searching online for an answer or giving themCondenser Fan Motor2 some idea on what the costs might be. In today's world, you can just Google your questions. At Sims Heating & Cooling, it's our goal to be the ones to answer the questions the best we can with amount of information we have to work with.(i.e. not being able to look at your HVAC System)

Hey, is it more than $100 or $2000..., there's a big difference.

There's a feeling we've all experienced if you've owned a car or truck long enough when you need something repaired and in your mind you're thinking the repair is probably $200 - $300, but the actual bill ends up to be $1100. Yikes!!

Unless money is no object that causes an increase in stress when personal cash flow is tight today for most people. It can be stressful.

Having transportation to get to work or being cool during hot summer nights, fall into similar categories; rather high on your 'importance meter' in life.

Let's first identify what the condenser fan motor is:

The condenser fan motor keeps an air conditioner’s compressor from becoming overheated. It cools the superheated refrigerant that moved through condensing coils of your outside air conditioning unit. When your air conditioner is running, you can put your hand above the unit and feel the heat being 'sucked' away from your unit. Keep in mind, if you wish to increase the life of your AC condenser fan motor, it is important to do annual maintenance. Even just a bit of oil on the fan’s motor can make a great difference in this.

We have plenty of stories of customers who would use some straight object to turn the fan when it was stuck to get it going. The problem with that is you can be "penny wise and pound foolish". A bad fan motor could end up shortening the life of your AC Compressor.

Replacing an fan motor may run between $400 - $500. But it sure beats replacing an AC Compressor which runs in a range of $1000-$2000.

Obviously, it takes a well trained technician to be able to correctly diagnose the problem, know how to install it, and can test the new part or system to make sure it works properly. In addition, the costs associated with trucks, diagnostic equipment and time for the tech to get to your home.

Most homeowners are looking for ranges when you are trying to get an idea about the costs. You can schedule an appointment so we can make the right recommendation and solve your problem.

Hope this helps.

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