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Go MSU Spartan Basketball!

Posted by John Sims on Thu, Apr, 02, 2015 @ 16:04 PM

Normally I write about content that adds value to homeowners. However, this article is a little about us, 'tooting' our own horn.MSUSpartans.jpg

For those who know me, know I'm a diehard MSU Spartan Fan. OK, now if you're a U of M fan, I hope you don't hold that against me. I heard a staunch Michigan fan say the only time they root for MSU is in a bowl game or the NCAA basketball tournament so I guess this is in line.

With the success MSU has had in this year's tournament so far, (which has been fun) I wanted to recognize Tom Izzo the head basketball coach. He represents a philosophy of implementing a system of excellence. His team is riding the performance of his upperclassmen who have 'bought' into his program. He seems to get the best out of his talent.

He also gets the praise from his peers. For example here's what the coach at Duke, Mike Krzyzewski was quoted saying about Tom Izzo.

"Nothing surprises me that he and his program would do," "They don't have a team; they have a program. As he develops each team, I don't know what the timeframe of it is until that group understands what the program is about, whether it be offense, defense or just character-wise, but they're going to keep improving because it's a program. It's a program of excellence."  To Krzyzewski, that excellence starts with Michigan State's coach, someone he considers a close friend.

The reason I respect him so much and what he does is I've worked to instill the same philosophy and dedication to my company, which I am very proud of.

Sims Heating and Cooling, Inc., is a third generation mechanical and electrical contractor with a history of heating and cooling experience dating back to 1927. Our Mission Statement is simple: To keep your heating and cooling costs to their absolute minimum--while maintaining comfort, safety and a healthy home. I've been working in the Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning (HVAC) and electrical field for over 40 years.

We pattern Sims Heating and Cooling on similar principles in how we perform as a HVAC contractor. We stick to the same principles and dedication Tom Izzo uses to build his success, we use to influence the way our employees speak to people respectfully while honoring the legacy of my company. The way we approach our work is, we do the job right the first time; and if we make a mistake we hustle to fix it.

So GO Spartans!

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8 Recommended 'To-Dos' For Springtime Home Maintenance

Posted by John Sims on Fri, Mar, 20, 2015 @ 14:03 PM

It's the first day of Spring and for many homeowners it means getting out in the yard again to do some SpringGrowthmaintenance or make improvements on their home.

The biggest investment people make is their home, unfortunately, too many needed repairs are ignored or go unfixed every year. Protecting it from deterioration and avoiding much bigger problems is doing the following 8 Springtime 'To-Dos' recommended in the 'money' section of US News & World Report Magazine. I thought it was a good list.

Many projects better suited for warmer weather can save you money, too. Here are eight projects to tackle this spring:

1. Clean the refrigerator and air conditioner coils. Your fridge and air conditioner work in nearly the same way – by exchanging heat through a system of coils. When those coils are dirty and dusty, they can’t exchange heat as efficiently, so the system has to run harder and longer to have the same cooling effect. Luckily, cleaning these coils is simple. Just take a vacuum hose to the coils on the back of your fridge. For an outside air conditioner unit, you’ll need to disassemble the casing (making sure the power to the unit is off first), and clean using canned air and/or a stiff brush and spray bottle.

2. Schedule routine heating, ventilation and air conditioning maintenance. Yes, it costs money to get an HVAC professional to look over your system. But routine maintenance costs much less than major fixes down the road. So call or click here to schedule your HVAC maintenance now.

3. Inspect and repair your roof. Spring is the time to get out on the roof to check for ice, hail or water damage from winter. Repairing minor damage can be a quick do-it-yourself fix, and staying on top of your roof’s condition (no pun intended) can save you money by avoiding water damage later on.

4. Clean gutters. This can be a Saturday-long spring chore for many, but it’s important, especially if you live in an area with April showers. Water doesn’t properly pass through clogged gutters. And that means more water gets near the foundation of your home. This may not cause immediate problems, but over time, too much water near the foundation can cause damage and weakening, which are expensive problems to fix later.

5. Clean the dryer vent. Just like your refrigerator doesn’t work properly with dusty coils, your dryer is less efficient with a lint-filled vent. Even if you clean the lint trap before every load of laundry, you’ll still get some lint in the vent hose, which builds up over time. To clean the vent, just remove the vent hose from the back of the dryer and vacuum it well. Then, remove the vent cover on the outside of your home, and vacuum it from that side, too.

6. Check the washing machine hoses. Over time, washing machine hoses can crack, which can cause leaks. Sometimes, these inconspicuous leaks go on for weeks or months unnoticed, usually because the washer is pushed back into a corner. 

7. Re-caulk windows and doors. You might have caulked your doors and windows before the winter chill set in. Unfortunately, even the best caulk can harden, crack and shrink when it’s cold outside. So check your windows and doors, and replace as needed. 

8. Plant trees in strategic locations. As you think about landscaping this spring, consider planting a new tree or two. Mother Nature will certainly thank you, and your heating and cooling bills might, too. 

And if you noticed wind whistling through the cracks of your home over the winter, an evergreen windbreak on the windiest side of your home might do the trick and block the wind.

Before you plant, make sure you understand how large a tree will grow when it reaches maturity, so you avoid potential costly issues from a tree planted too close to your home.

Hope this starts you off to a great spring!

Image source: Flickr.com/pinprick

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4th Of July Weekend Home Improvement Ideas For Battle Creek Homeowners.

Posted by John Sims on Wed, Jul, 03, 2013 @ 16:07 PM

Many homeowners in the summer months are considering home improvement projects and with the upcoming 4th of July long weekend, this may a great time for a Do-It-Yourself LawnChairproject if you aren't vacationing. Everyone loves low maintenance!

At Sims Heating & Cooling, we just wanted to mix it up a little bit in the information we share. We didn't want to limit ourselves to just heating, cooling, comfort and indoor air quality; we want to broaden the scope of the information we deliver. Let's talk about general home improvement during this 4th of July.

You may like the information from an interesting article entitled, "The best kind of home improvements: high-impact, low-maintenance". This information covers skylights, lighting upgrades, and vinyl siding.

(BPT) - Yes, everyone knows making home improvements is a worthy investment in your greatest material asset. Sure you want every improvement job done well with top-notch end results. But when all is said and done, do you really want to have to put a lot of effort and money into maintaining those improvements? For most people – whether they’ll admit it or not – the answer is “no.”

The best home improvements are the ones that not only enhance your home’s value and livability, but also require little work from you afterward to keep them looking great and functioning well. If you’re looking for high-impact, low-maintenance home improvements, consider these popular projects:

No-leak skylights

When it comes to an improvement that brightens your home, enhances its indoor air quality and boosts energy-efficiency, skylights deliver. Unfortunately, early skylights had a reputation for being leaky – a problem that simply doesn’t occur with modern, no leak, energy-efficient skylights like those made by Velux America. Pre-engineered flashing kits (the metal shield that surrounds any opening in a wall or roof) work with all types of roofs, from shingles to metal, to ensure a properly installed skylight won’t leak.

Need further low-maintenance points to make the case for adding a skylight? Not only do modern skylights keep water out, they’re energy efficient as well. Energy Star-qualified, no leak solar-powered fresh air skylights, like those from Velux, deliver fresh air through cost-effective passive ventilation. Adding remote-controlled, solar-powered blinds allows you to easily open or close a fresh air skylight and shade it when the sun hits that part of the roof, boosting the skylight’s energy efficiency by 39 percent. Keep the shade open during cold weather to admit warmth and reduce heating costs. A 30 percent federal tax credit on both products and installation costs makes a skylight project even more appealing. Visit www.veluxusa.com for a tax calculator to show your savings for a new installation or replacement skylights and a skylight planner app to show exactly how skylights and blinds will look in any area of your home.

Lighting upgrade

Older light fixtures not only look dated, they often use outdated, inefficient bulbs and are lacking in the energy-efficient emphasis that comes with newer fixtures. Upgrading lighting throughout your home is a great way to ensure you won’t have to think about it again any time soon.

If a total lighting redesign is out of the question, you can still make your existing light fixtures lower maintenance simply by swapping out old, inefficient incandescent light bulbs with newer, electricity-sipping versions. Options like CFLs and LEDs provide all the light of incandescents while using a fraction of the energy. Energy.gov says Energy Star-rated LEDs use at least 75 percent less power than incandescent bulbs, and last 25 times longer. Imagine the time, hassle and money you’ll save not having to replace bulbs constantly – especially in lights that get a lot of use, like porch lights, or that are hard to reach, like the chandelier in your two-story entryway.

Vinyl siding

Wood, fiber cement, stucco, brick – there are nearly as many types of exterior siding as there are colors to paint it. When it comes to low- or no-maintenance siding, vinyl remains the gold standard. In fact, more new homes are built using vinyl siding than any other type of siding product, according to the Vinyl Siding Institute.

While early versions of vinyl siding introduced in the 1950s earned criticism for being less lovely than wood, even those less sophisticated versions had staying power; it’s possible to find homes in use today sporting vinyl siding that was added to the house in the 1970s or even earlier.

Vinyl siding never needs to be painted, and when properly installed provides exceptional shielding from the elements. New technology has made modern vinyl siding look better and last longer without fading issues associated with older versions of vinyl. It requires basic cleaning, and overall maintenance demands are much less than other types of siding. Visit www.vinylsiding.org to learn more.

 Source: Milwaukee Wisconsin Sentinel Journal

Keep In Mind If You're AC Goes Out During This "Hot" Weekend, You Can Reach Us For Emergency Service To Fix It.

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