What To Look For In A Quality HVAC Contractor.


1. Don’t Settle For Incompetent Technicians: Service techs need to quickly and accurately diagnose ANY situation. Companies should require technicians to pass a Competency Test and show proof of their certification level.

The Sims Difference:

  • Mfg's recommendations and local codes are min. standard.
  • Our technicians are graduates of several industry technicians schools.
  • 47 Years of experience.
  • On-Call Techs 24/7.
  • Stocked service trucks.
  • Heat/loss calculations on every home.

2. KNOW Who’s Entering Your Home: Let’s face it. Lots of guys drive around CLAIMING to be able to do repairs. Find out and KNOW who’s entering your home before they do; or you may become victim to something worse than just broken a faulty cracked heat exchanger of problems with backdrafting.

3. YOU MAY BE AT RISK! Many contractors don’t “really” know who they’ve hired. They’re taking a gamble with your home that the employee they’ve hired is trustworthy.

The Sims Difference:

  • Financially sound company. What good is a guarantee if we're not around.
  • 100% satisfaction guarantee.
  • Licensed, bonded and insured.
  • 47 Years of experience.
  • Property protection guarantee.

4. Professional And Presentable: Unfortunately, servicemen have a reputation for looking less than desirable. Which makes you feel uncomfortable. You know the saying, “Where There’s Smoke... There’s Fire?” Chances are if they dress professional, they’ll act that way too.

The Sims Difference:

  • Uniformed appearance when our guys show up.


5. Make Sure "Fast Response Time” Really Is Fast: Most HVAC companies advertise 24/7 Emergency Service... But it’s NOT always true. Service techs need to quickly and accurately diagnose ANY situation.

  • Emergency Repair Service Hotline: 269-969-7467!


6. Look Out For Overcharges: Contractors are notorious for “ghost repairs” (charge for something they didn’t do). They often quote low prices upfront, then change the amount midway through. Get a solid quote before your job starts... including parts and labor.

7. No Bids Given Over The Phone: It is impossible to diagnose without seeing. Over the phone bidders, on average, raise their prices by 27% before the job is finished. Make sure your contractor looks at the job before they start.

8. $1,000,000 Minimum Insurance: Many companies operate without ANY insurance. This can cost you THOUSANDS if a worker falls and gets hurt. For your protection, ask to see proof of their insurance. Make sure it covers both your property and ANY liability. There's lots of 'cell phone and a truck' guys out there.

The Sims Difference:

  • Licensed, bonded and insured.

9. Insist Upon A Minimum One Year Warranty: Electronics are unpredictable. There's no particular brand of electronic ANYTHING that doesn't need repairs from time to time. They don't just break down at a certain point in time. Some start from arrival, some 6 months, some a year or longer. Insist upon a minimum one year warranty.

10. Show Proof of State Contractors License.
11. Is BBB Accredited.
12. EPA 608 Certification.
13. Make sure they have “Trade Associations Certificates of Standing” and that they are reputable; like Air Conditioning Contractors Association.
14. Ask for Client Testimonials & References.
15. Make sure they understand the critical nature of correctly sized, engineered HVAC Systems.